windmill model

This windmill model is a pre experiment for a offgrid DIY VAWT windmill.

The next experiment will be a slightly larger model of aluminum and mounted on the shaft / bearing from a scrapped ceiling fans. There must then find some neodymium magnets and wound some coils which must then be made ​​into a simple administrator.

model VAWT made of scraped stuff

A model of my small offgrid DIY VAWT wind turbine of cardboard and debris from two cdrom boxes.

The video above demonstrates that VAWT wind turbine rotor blades operate with air from a fan heater.

It has been tested in steady wind outdoors too, and it works.

Inspiration to experiment with VAWT wind turbine found here 

the shaft and bearings from a discarded ceiling fan can be used generator for a mini VAWT wind turbine

A scrapped ceiling fan contains bearings, shaft and casing for a generator. Counting on it can be made of some neodymium magnets and some self-wound coils.

a bearing from a stepper motor to the vawt

Alternatively, a place Smooth-running motor is used as a bearing for a mini VAWT wind turbine.

It could make a lot of small VAWT turbines which are connected to a local smart grid that distributes power around your house with a DOS power rail. It would be a good addition to photovoltaics in the winter. The question is whether municipal, laws and regulations may prevent one set eg 10 mini VAWT wind turbines?

Links and ressourcess to VAWT small wind turbine

VAWT windmill 12V 50W Telescopic Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Helix Wind design airfoils for VAWT windmill

strator design tobrushless permanent magnet generator

Video show the Helix Wind’s airfoils

 Links and ressourcer to more VAWT diy

 Strator, neudym magnets and other parts for VAWT windmill

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