MPPT arduino solar charger cooling fan

This MPPT solar charger is build around Tim Nolans open source MPPT solar prototype project. I made a print layout for the MPPT solar charger, and below you can se how the mechanical mounting was meant to be.

This picture show a salvaged Pentium 4 cooling plate with fan mounted on top of it.
The complete MPPT solar charger is mounted to the cooling plate, using a aluminium U profile, where the MOSFETs and voltage regulator are placed.

The picture above shows the aluminium U profile, as You can se it is a few millimeters to wide..

To complete the mppt solar charger project, i still need to do some work with a plastic cabinet, and also i will make some kind of temperature controlled PWM speed adjustment for the fan.

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4 thoughts on “MPPT arduino solar charger cooling fan

  1. Hi,

    How’s the charge controller working out? What is the maximum current output and voltage of the battery it is meant to charge? Would you mind sharing the schematic and code?

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