Inverter 12 Volt to 230 Volt with arduino

This is v.1.1 of a simple solar inverter made with arduino and old 12 volt trafo’s from scraped electronic and halogen lamps.

Read GENERAL Disclaimer before you continue.

This version 1.1 if for single coil trafo’s also i made a prototype v.1.0 printed circuit board for trafo’s with center input.


Schematics for the arduino inverter

component placement for InDuinoDelSol

The component placement of the Printed Circuit Board

arduino inverter PCB toplayer

The arduino inverter PCB  Toplayer

pcb bottom layer for inverter


PCB from the solder side

The eagle PCB file for inverter with arduino can be downloaded here

The original Arduino Sketch for the inverter. Thanks to bristolwatch  for this great project. Techmind version will be published latter.

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