Techmind.dk only offers this blog as an information source and as an experiment aria of technology.

The information on this page is of ‘general’ and is not listed for any specific advice within installations.

Tech Mind assumes no responsibility for the website’s accuracy and function of technical ideas presented on the blog.

Use of the blog’s information shall be at users’ own risk and the user’s own risk! You and only you are responsible for fire, dead, electric shock and more if you make some of the projects on techmind.dk.

Techmind.dk can not guarantee that the information on the blog at any time up to date, comply with applicable laws and rules, or is made in a way so that no damage can be done.

Tech Mind assumes no liability for any loss arising from reliance on this blog and its content. If you make circuits from this page you the apply to respnsebility of both losses and costs of an economic nature or if any damage to persons or property, or if your installations leads to fire, or cause electrical shock resulting in death. It is you as the user’s responsibility to seek relevant information in strong upstream regulations, building regulations and other rules in the field of building and electricity.

If the user of the blog must take concrete decisions on installations or experiments with low voltage or high voltage, recommend techmind.dk the user looking for professional and personal advice by the appropriate authority or safety instructions is, Techmind.dk disclaims any responsibility ..

With a view to reading content on tech reduces users can freely share the blog’s content via email, facebook, etc. and download content temporarily. Any other use, including the reproduction, permanent storage or distribution of the content on the user’s own or third-party website is not permitted without Tech Mind’s prior written consent.

This disclaimer applies to all subpages and subdomains on the domaine techmind.dk, ie. underdomainer as techmind.dk / [xxx] and subdomains as [xxx]. techmind.dk where [xxx] can be any topic. This NOTICES apply any other material found on social media, video services and other sites on the internet. NOTICES applies to: texts, videos, photos, podcasts, pdf files, code snippets and other either link to or contain techmind.dk link or name.

This version: en.techmind.dk is for english visitors at techmind, if you need to get in touch with techmind, try the techmind.dk contact form

Good luck with your projects ;)

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