Ctek XS 3600 multi charger hack for electric vehicles

I use this hack i a citroen c1 EVie electric car.

The ctek xs 3600 have 4 charge modes:

  • Desulphation: pulses with high volt/amp is made
  • Bulk: after 80% charge, the charger deliver a constant current until battery i fully charged
  • Absorpsion: charge up to 100%, current will fall but the voltage will be constant
  • Puls: this is a puls charge mode, it maintenace the battery, a keep it in goog condition. This mode charge between 95% and 100%. This is the mode used when charger is connected in months.

The ctek xs 3600 just have one issue, i don’t start up in the charge mode you selected, next time it is turned on.

To overcome this issue, i use a AtTiny85

AtTiny 85 pinout:

ATtiny Pin 1: RSEST
ATtiny Pin 2:
ATtiny Pin 3:
ATtiny Pin 4: GND
ATtiny Pin 5: Connected to ctek mode selector trough the 4066 analog switch
ATtiny Pin 6:
ATtiny Pin 7:
ATtiny Pin 8: 5 V

Ctek xs 3600 230 volt/110 volt AC input is connected to the Electric vehicle’s AC charger connector

ctek xs 3600 battery charger

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